Amelia’s Home Inspection

Resigns in 1898 as nurse as she can’t afford to keep kids, had Nellie STEWART. Complaint from A.M. DUCKER, visiting committee, Dept. of Neglected Children. Baker’s circumstances detailed. 11 pages, List 17. Child of Rosa Baker. Left with nurse Mrs. Margaret SMITH in 1904; in 1905 she adopts the kid and takes her to New Zealand.

CRAINE, Alice May, Flemington, nurse had one child. COX, Maria, Richmond, nurse, has charge of a child. COTTLE, Esther, nurse, had one baby, 1899. COOPER, Nurse, Carlton. Albert Foster BERTRIDGE is removed from her care by mother Rose in 1902.

LOCK, Clifford, within the care of a nurse, received from Minnie, Gisborne. LANGDON, V.B., within the care of a nurse, received from father John, Clifton Hill.

With a nurse in May 1900 Monthly Return, List 2. GREGORY, Joseph, obtained from one other nurse, with a nurse. GREENWAY, Myrtle Roche, baby of Mary Agnes of Ballarat, given to nurse in 1905; incomplete file. GREEN, Mrs. A. Coburg, 1893. Has a child, however refused to be registered.

ROBERTSON, E., Golden Square, listed as a nurse in October 1903; no additional particulars given. ROBERTS, Ann Elizabeth, nurse, Carlton. Has three children. May 1900 Monthly Return.

Mother charged with manslaughter, however dialogue whether Storr ought to be charged as youngster was born in her house and delivery not registered, 1899. SMITH, William Gilbert. Charged with failure to register start of illegitimate youngster of Ellen ALLEN inside required time. Mother doesn’t return. 6 pages, List 50.

  • NOLAN, Emma, Burnley, unregistered nurse, youngster Annie PETRIE died in her care.
  • 9 pages, List 30.
  • NEILSON, Arthur, mom Edith, Salvation Army Home, with a nurse in Fitzroy.
  • This pertains to merchandise four, and helps with stability and flow.
  • Letters on file from both and nurse C.
  • Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1897.

DEAS, Leonard, with a nurse, died. DAY, Thomas, of Hawthorn. Asks in 1906 if an old good friend, Mrs. GALE, needs to register, as she is minding his twins; their mother died giving birth. DAWKINS, Mary, had illegitimate baby Francis at Mrs. PEDDLE’s home, advised her she was a married woman; no prosecution. DAVIS, Violet, returned to her mom Edith by nurse Susan BOOTH, Casterton, in 1905.

Mother Bridget Brown was at Kyneton. Police verify that her birth was not registered by Mrs. SHAW of Carlton, the place she was born, but she has gone to Sydney.

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McLOUGHLIN, Bridget. Has 2 youngsters in 1901, John STARLING, mother Maria of Gippsland, and Thomas WALL, mother Mary of Leongatha. Monthly Return, List 14. McKNIGHT, Robert, Maldon, 1902, asks if his illegitimate youngster James EDWARDS may be given to his sister in legislation Mrs. Margaret McKNIGHT. three pages, List 22. McINTYRE, Atalanta., writes from East Brunswick in 1904, applies to be registered as a nurse. McINTOSH, H., wife of Thomas, chef, South Melbourne.

With a nurse, May 1900 Monthly Return, List 2. DAVEY, Eliza Catherine. Father William Morton DAVEY. With a nurse. DARVELL, Minnie, of Malvern, applies for registration as a nurse in 1905. DANIELLS, Arthur Grosvenor, clergyman, and spouse Mary E., adopt Arthur Grosvenor ANGUS, born 1896, child of William Ferguson Angus in 1897. Subsequently fail to have baby vaccinated and are taken to courtroom.

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In 1906 being looked after by aunt Kate RENFREY/RENFREE, along with four siblings; dad and mom Charles & Sarah have gone to W.A. Thomas left briefly with nurse Hannah HING of Ascot Vale whereas aunt unwell. 7 pages, List 10. THOMPSON, Leslie, son of Jean, adopted by Mr and Mrs REIMANN, Leongatha, in 1906. Nurse LOCKYER currently has baby. 7 pages, List fifty five. THOMPSON, Mrs. Charlotte, wife of William Joseph, painter, North Fitzroy, utilized in 1901 to undertake Francis Henry O’DONNELL, baby of Mary. Previously Mrs. Margaret BROWN of Collingwood had applied, but withdrew.

Mrs. Fanny SCOTT, widow, of Frankston, is charged with failure to register illegitimate child inside three days; thought the pair were married. 12 pages, some broken. PINES, Bertha May, daughter of Phoebe Edith Pines, with a nurse. May 1900 Monthly Return, List 2.

HENSON, M., Golden Square, listed as a nurse in October 1903; no further details given. HENNESSY, Francis, mother Margaret. HENDRY, William Glen, father William H., Melbourne; with a nurse. HEMPHILL, David, infant, with a nurse in November 1898. Monthly Return, List 42.


KING, George M., Richmond, he and his spouse wish to take over the care of their daughter’s child. She married – BUTLER, but they have separated and she had gone interstate for work. four pages, List 25.

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NIVEN, Agnes, South Melbourne, has unnamed daughter’s youngster Peter William Niven in her care in 1897; seeks exemption from Act. 10 pages, List 27. NICHOL, Annie Jane, Richmond, has taken in Thomas Bernard NICHOL to nurse; is aunt of the kid, whose mom is useless, 1907. eight pages, List fifty seven. NEVIN, Alice, Ballarat East, advised in 1905 that she had the care of Frederick MANSFIELD, son of Ethel May, and intended to adopt him. Her son Julian is the child’s father. 6 pages, List 46.

COATES, Mrs. S. Burnley, registered as a nurse, 1893; has youngsters Alice BULLOCK and James Freman BIRD, son of Emily of North Melbourne. CLIFFORD, Kate, spouse of Patrick, labourer, North Carlton, applies for registration as a nurse in 1901; has Mary Kingston EDWARDS, daughter of Mary. Registration refused and youngster given to a different nurse. CLIFF, Evelyn M., mom Mary, with a nurse. CLEAVER, Alice Pearson, mother Harriet PEARSON, Sale; with a nurse at Coburg. CLARKE, Mrs. E. A registered nurse at Windsor, she asks permission to take child Charles Allen BAXTER on vacation along with her in 1899.

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MELROSE, John Joseph, mom Minnie, born in residence of Thomas Michael COGHLAN, Abbotsford in 1905. 10 pages, List 47. MELDRUM, John A., mom Mary, single, with a nurse. MEGGS, Keith, mother Nellie, with a nurse, Prahran, June 1904 Monthly Return, List fifty four. MAYER, Henry G., mom Louisa, North Melbourne; with a nurse. MASON, Margaret, mom Margaret, single, with a nurse.

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GALLON, Caroline. FULTON, Julia A., South Melbourne, asked in 1900 if she could adopt baby George THOMAS, son of Winifred of Stawell for £50.

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Had previously adopted unnamed boy, now nearly 3 years old. Her first husband was William RITTUCHIE, current husband is a musician.

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