Amelia’s Home Inspection

MULLIN, Herbert L., mother Blanche, with a nurse. Monthly Return List 26. MUIR, Robert, mom Alice, with a nurse at South Yarra in January 1906. MUIR, Rachel, Prahran, nurse, had one youngster in her care.

EVANS, Doris R., mom Amy, single, (North Yanks (?), NSW,) with a nurse. EVANS, Caroline, North Melbourne, 1897.

Roden St., West Melbourne. April 1899 and May 1900 Monthly Returns.

HUISH, Maud Victoria, baby of Jane, who’s deaf and dumb. Thomas E. ENNOR, Sth. Shelbourne via Bendigo, adopts her in 1902. HOWARD, Mrs. H. Catherine. Fitzroy, needs to undertake youngster William Albert MAXWELL, 1897.

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SMITH, Arthur, mother Esther, South Melbourne; in the care of a nurse. SIMMONDS, Jean, mom Mary Susannah, Prahran; in the care of a nurse. SIMMONDS, Eva, mother Grace FLOWER, Melbourne; in the care of a nurse. February 1907 Monthly Return, 2 entries List 34. SHELLEY, Phillip Arthur, mom Kathleen, East Melbourne; in the care of a nurse.

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With a nurse, June 1900 Monthly Return, List 33. EDWARDS, Edward Poole, died at residence of nurse M. SAMPSON, Moreland in 1900, child of Margaret Jane EDWARDS, 6mths old, no blame of nurse. EDWARDS, Bert, Brighton, suggested in 1902 that he is adopting Frank VALENTINE, mother Bertha. His wife was lately confined of a child which died. EDWARDS, Annie E.

  • COWEN, Daphne C., mom Cecilia, Fitzroy, with a nurse in Fitzroy.
  • 7 pages, List 35.
  • The inquest jury beneficial her licence be cancelled because the baby was poorly clad.
  • Detailed report on scenario.
  • Left her illegitimate child Harry with nurse Mrs. BOND in Carlton in 1898, but had not paid upkeep, regardless of sending three letters that she would.

HENDRY, William Glen, father William H., Melbourne; with a nurse. HEMPHILL, David, toddler, with a nurse in November 1898.

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2 pages, List 24. MATHIESON, Christian. Daughter Amelia gives start to illegitimate child in his house in 1900; charged with failure to register delivery in time. 14 pages, List 20. MARTIN, Charles Robert, being cared for by Annie and Charles MARTIN; mother died, father has 5 different kids. The mom was Charles’s sister. They reside in Staghorn Flat Yackandandah in 1897, and ask if have to be registered under Act.

JOHNSON, M.A., Fitzroy, nurse, has 4 children in her care. 9 pages, List 33.

February 1907 Monthly Return List 34. CHAMBERLAIN, Alice A., Footscray, registered nurse, had one baby in July 1899. CARTER, Mrs. S. Brighton, registered as a nurse, 1893; had an unnamed child over three years old. CARROLL, Michael J. Born 1898, mother Annie E. Carroll, with a nurse at May 1900 Monthly Return, List 2. CARROLL, Jeanie, Carlton, nurse, had one baby in her care.

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GREY, Francis Cyril, mother Lizzie, South Melbourne; in the care of a nurse. GREENE, Daisy Eveline Rule, mother Elizabeth, Carlton; within the care of a nurse. GREEN, Mary , mom Mary,Carlton; in the care of a nurse.

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Has two children of her personal already. Claim that she was paid to undertake Cyril Clive MAYS, illegitimate child of Lilly MAYS of Talbot.

, mother Mary, Grassmere by way of Geelong; within the care of a nurse. QUINNANE, Edna, mother Margaret, Romsey; within the care of a nurse.

Ditto, June 1904 Monthly Return, List 54. DYNER, Edith, Richmond, nurse, has charge of a child. DUNSTAN, Mrs Annie, Ascot Vale, utilized to be registered in 1906, has 5 kids of her personal, from four-21 years. Application refused. 2 pages, List fifty five.

Amelia, Ua X

TINGWELL, Margaret of Carlton. Nurse, had baby. TIERNAN, Mary, Carlton. Carlton, adopted James DORAN, mom Mary, in 1904. THOMSON, Mrs. Margaret, Williamstown, is to undertake cousin’s baby Edith DILLON in 1901.

WILSON, Leslie G., mother Nellie, Carlton; with a nurse. WILSON, Harriet, has taken cost of daughter’s illegitimate youngster Vernarine Wilson, 1906, 2 pages, List 10. WILSON, Emma, Carlton, nurse, had one child in her care. WILSON, Ellen, mother Florence at Footscray, with a nurse in Carlton. WILSON, Catherine, Essendon, nurse, has two kids in her care.

April 1899 Monthly Return. Pigdon Street, had one youngster in June 1899 Monthly Return. Pitt St. Has no child. WOODWARD, Byrel Melville. Adopted by Mrs. Emily WILSON of Golden Square Bendigo in 1899; her own baby had died.

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FUZZARD, Frank Louis Carlton. FULTON, Catherine and Robert, Modewarre near Geelong, undertake Leslie Pierce, son of Harriet Kate RYAN in 1904. Letters on file from each and nurse C. HUGGETT of Brunswick. FREESTONE, Edna, baby of Lucy, adopted by Mrs. Mary MAGUIRE of Ballarat in 1905. FRANDSEN, Neville, mother Alice, adopted by Mrs. Jenny HEMMING, Collingwood, 1904.

St. Arnaud, registered as a nurse, 1893; Had Harriet Dilke GORRIE, whose mother had died shortly after birth. In 1905 she applies to undertake her and the dad and mom agree; they wished to have start of child stored secret. 6 pages, List 38. WADE, Clara Arabella, 26 years, gave birth to illegitimate child John Patrick at grandmother Amelia Louise’s house in Newtown Geelong in 1896.

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